Yikes. Sometimes I think my scale is broken because it told me I weighed less when I stepped on with my clothes on than when I got on naked 30 seconds later. Sketchy.


Coffee with creamer

Small bowl of taco soup

15 minutes of calisthenics


This morning I felt ok – not good, not bad, not really feeling much at all honestly. I decided today I am going to try to remember the feeling of wonder & see where I can find some today.

I got some photos edited & listened to more of this online lecture series about losing weight without dieting. I am not sure if the lectures are helping at all – but might as well & I enjoy the teacher. I like this workout videos online that aim to get you a (kinda? lol) ballet dancer body without having to become an actual ballet dancer. Holy shit they are hard though. I do one 15 minute one & my body is like “no more!!!” lol. I was never one for going to the gym – the one near us feels very claustrophobic & gives me anxiety. I’ve always been one for working out at home or walking/hiking in the outside world. I generally prefer to be home most of the time.

With everything shut down right now what have you been doing for exercise? All of you are probably runners lmao such a good workout but I HATE running. Has your eating changed at all during quarantine?

I’m afraid to get on the scale so I haven’t weighed myself in a while.

I’ll try to do it tomorrow morning if I don’t eat too much salt for dinner to see what I am working with here.



  • Coffee w/ creamer
  • A small bowl of taco soup with some shredded cheese on it
  • Broccoli with ma po style tofu
  • Mixed nuts
  • Fruit salad (berries & melons)
  • Small portion of leftover thai food


I think I ate way too much today. Shit. Gonna work out fuck tons tomorrow (promising myself).


My husband and I took our three dogs on a walk around our neighborhood. It was about 2.8 mile) which, because it is quite hilly, my Fitbit tells me counted as 20 flights of stairs & 44 minutes of cardio. Yes… I am so out of shape that walking registers as cardio on my fitbit lmao.

The dogs are all exhausted right now & so are we. We walked by a cemetery but I didn’t feel much ghost energy from it. My father died last June so I have a lot of thoughts about spiritualism & ghosts & communicating with the dead right now.


Here is a photo of someone who inspires me. She’s a French-Canadian singer named Beatrice Martin but her band name is Coeur de Pirate (“Pirate Heart” in English) – she’s overcome a lot, is a talented singer & performer & is just so genuine & relatable in her interviews. I find her fascinating.

Sidenote: My hair is naturally the same color as hers. I have been hennaing mine to an auburn color for over 2 years & now I am trying to grow it out to be blonde again. It is an AWKWARD transition. You cannot color over or remove henna – you just have to grow it out – because it can actually start smoking & can REALLY fuck up your hair.

Another Sidenote: Luckily not many people are seeing me right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic & social distancing/self isolation. I keep having the urge to cut some of my hair off myself because salons are closed. Anyway, Beatrice Martin has a lot of tattoos (as do I) & brown eyes (as do I). I’m tempted to try a haircut similar to hers once my blonde has grown in more.


I think I am going to try to do some kind of exercise everyday for a while & see how that works out.

If you read this & are also trying to lose weight / get healthier / get more in shape, please follow or leave a comment so I can check out your blog. I could use a digital support system.