Simple Home Protection / My Father’s Ghost

Today has been a sleepy day. I slept until around 11am, have been having coffee & water & listening to an audiobook for a feminist book club meeting I am going to (new group of friends?) soon. I finally managed to change out of my pajamas just a bit ago – around 2pm lmao.

Yesterday I placed black tourmaline stones on all the window sills & exterior-leading doorframes of our home. Tourmaline is believed to be protective when used in this (and other) ways.

Something else happened yesterday – my father, who passed in June, visited. My spiritual mentor, Claire, told me he would communicate with me through lights. So when I was on the couch in the sitting room & noticed a light blinking on & off in the kitchen, I said, “Hi, dad.” I could feel his presence here – calming, nurturing, fatherly. I’ve missed him so much since he has passed. He was too young to go. He’s visited me rather routinely though.

Anyway, if you want a simple & magical way to add some protection to your home: try the black tourmaline.

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