Don’t Reinvent The Wheel, But Make It Your Own

I’ve been learning a lot about the Wheel of the Year and, more importantly, new ways of thinking about it from the Weave the Liminal book. Reading this book is actually making me quite interested in “modern traditional witchcraft” but I’ll have to keep reading to know if that path is really the one for me. I’m still very into the green witch path – but modern traditional feels more layered & complex in a way that really intrigues me.

For anyone who doesn’t know, or is still trying to remember (me) the typical witch’s sabbats, they are:

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Something the author notes in Weave the Liminal that resonated with me is that people tend to focus to much on the specific dates (or spokes) and not enough on the seasons the represent & the cycle of them (the wheel).

“Realistically, the Wheel of the Year is not a terrible idea, but I think it works best as an inspirational guideline.”

Laura Tempest Zakroff

She writes that birthdays, death days & anniversaries can be their own types of sabbats & that not every sabbat or season needs to be given the same weight or importance – this would all vary witch to witch.

She says that you should pay attention to the spirit of where you are living – noting that some witches fall into a trap where they know where their ancestors are from so they follow those practices but fail to recognize that those practices don’t match up with the energy & life force of where they actually live their day to day lives.

So for me, this is my plan for the sabbats & seasons for the next year (I’ll adjust & be flexible, changing what doesn’t work, as needed):

  • Mabon to Samhain: I will try to soak up as much sun as I can before it gets cold & the days become way too short for my taste. There is a feeling of a second awakening of sorts for me during this time – I get into “hustle” mode with my photography business. For “Mabon” I won’t celebrate on the dictated date but will celebrate on the first day that feels like autumn to me because I live in Alabama where it is still in the 90s during the day and we are a few days away from October…
    • October 13th: My late father’s birthday (not sure how I will celebrate this)
    • October 22nd: My birthday
  • Samhain: The veil is thinnest, try to communicate with my spirit guides extra on this day
    • December 19th: Edward & my anniversary
    • December 29th: Edward’s birthday (make it glorious for him)
  • Yule: Ponder the darkness & welcome the coming light. I tend to be in a terrible mood around this season because I hate all the familial pageantry that comes with the holiday season.
  • Yule to Imbolc: Focus on clearing out physical & emotional clutter. Ask myself: what do I want to take root in my life this coming year?
  • Ostara to Litha: Celebrate on the first day that feels like spring here in Birmingham, start laying outside to get more sun again, bring nature indoors, focus on self care
    • June 18th: Honor my father on his death day

And there you have it, my little take on The Wheel of the Year after reading the chapter about it in Weave the Liminal.

Blessed be.