Hey there, it’s been a while. I am SO CLOSE to being in the 130s! My husband is being kinda weird about my shrinking. I think he’s afraid the boobs will go away? lmao I am okay with that. I was 158 when I decided to start shrinking – but that was a while ago. There have been sooooo many plateaus – 153… then 148… then 144… but the weight loss has been coming more rapidly for some reason lately HALLELUJAH.

I like my body so much more in the 140s than the 150s, so much more in the low 140s than the high 140s, so much more in the high 130s than the low 140s, so much more in the low 130s than the high 130s, so much more in the 120s than the 130s… you get the idea.

I don’t know for sure what my goal weight is for sure yet. I am 5’7 – it’s going to be somewhere between 115 – 123 probably. The trouble is that 123 is starting to sound high to me. That used to be my goal weight in high school. I don’t think that’s a good sign? I was at 120 lbs two years ago. I had so much confidence.

Some non-scale news: we bought a house & moved in this month. It’s amazing. I can blame not posting on that. We are in love with it. I haven’t been doing any formal exercise – just painting & moving & unpacking things. I’ve been doing my usual, what comes naturally to me “dieting,” which is just coffee in the morning then dinner. It’s how I eat naturally, I don’t know why, so all I really have to watch are portions.

My stomach is starting to get a lot flatter. I look at it in the mirror way too much because I am, embarrassingly, vain as fuck – if you didn’t already know this.

Here are some elephant ear plants, which I am quite in love with at the moment. I’ve given myself a $100 a month plant budget for doing up the yard at the new house & I bought two of these.

147 lbs Today

1110 calories yesterday

& 1000 today

No formal exercise because we are preparing to move to our first “we own it” house on Sunday 🙂 very excited.

TMI but I live with chronic constipation so if I can finally get some things GOING lmao I should probably drop a solid amount of weight.

If anyone want to be friends on the MyFitnessPal app, I’m using it now & would love some people to stay accountable with.