Home Energy Cleaning / Going More Eco-Conscious

I cleaned up the energy in our home yesterday using the method I shared in this previous post. I played the Ceremonials album by Florence + the Machine, because I love it & it felt fitting, instead of saying a mantra or spell while doing it but I think it worked. Our house feels lighter – the air clearer & less heavy somehow. I feel less heavy somehow. I feel more at peace & at home here than I did before the smudging & the lemon water.

I’m also making small efforts to be more eco-friendly, eco-conscious & kind to Mama Earth in my daily life than I have previously.

Once, I lived for a short while in a city in WA state that was so liberal you could be fined if they found recyclable items in your garbage. But here in Alabama it’s very different. Recycling isn’t a high priority, as far as I can tell, at least in the part of Alabama where we currently live. I called the city’s public services number & asked about recycling & they told me they were out of recycling bins & had no time frame for when they’d get more. But then, after much googling, I found a website that said you can go to a home improvement store (Lowe’s, Home Depot) & buy your own blue bin with the recycling sign on it & the city will take that – so here’s hoping.

The recycling bin is taking up a solid amount of space in our kitchen (and unfortunately they don’t recycle glass here – so now I get to feel guilty when I drink a bottle of Kombucha, sometime I’ve really taken to lately) but it makes me very happy to see how many items we have in the recycling already & how much more slowly our garbage can is filling up due to this. I may see if there isn’t an independent location where I could take glass items to be recycled.

I’ve also started using reusable bags when I shop instead of taking the (usually plastic) bags the stores provide. Pro tip I learned the hard way: keep some of the reusable bags in your car so that when you go out & about you won’t get to the store & realize you’ve forgotten them & be highly annoyed with yourself. I got these cute animal patterned ones on Amazon for not too steep a price.

Not pictured: I also got some reusable produce bags for when I am produce shopping.

Final thing I am doing so far: trying to consume less animal products because animals are treated so horrendously on industrial animal farms & these farms are so bad for the environment. I’ve been a lifelong vegetarian, so meat isn’t something I ever eat, but I’ve switched to using almond milk creamer in my coffee instead of dairy & vegan cheese in my dinner. I have only tried this one so far but it’s delicious in regular pasta or a more plant-based “pasta” of zucchini or butternut squash spirals with some tomato sauce.

I found this helpful article about how to live with less of an environmental impact with a little googling.

If you have any tips, tricks or advice about how you live more sustainably as a part of your practice, share them with me in the comments below! I am always looking for new ideas.