The witch is the navigator of their own path & a guide for others. And none of these things can be learned from a series any one book or a series of the very best books or even grimoires – no, not even this book. This wisdom comes from doing, from being, from trying, failing, observing & learning – in real time & space, over an extended period of time, at your own pace. A preset determination of guided years of study doesn’t guarantee that actual experience, nor can it dictate the pace at which you will move, & you may participate in the activities of others & get on other boats [paths] to see how things are done – but you always come back to your own boat, guiding your way through your own ocean.

from “Weave the Liminal”

Making / Mama Nature Is Showing Off / Home Energy Cleansing

I collected these fallen lichen coated branches from my backyard in the dark last night, using my phone as a flashlight, & tied them together in the shape of a pentagram. I hammered a nail into the wall above my in-progress altar space & there it hangs. I know a lot of witches feel no need for an altar space, or they are still in the broom closet so they need to be creative about hiding it, but I am among those who appreciate a dedicated space to keep my magical supplies. In my craft, I view the entire world as magical – and yet, I still like having one corner of my home that I can view as personally & specifically sacred & spiritual. I’ve long had a love for lichen. I used to have lichen covered branches (big ones) decorating my home when we lived in another city. Unfortunately only a few survived the move to our current home a month & a half ago.

Mama nature has been showing off for me last night & today. Last night I drove down winding roads through gorgeous forests & lakes with giant stones on their shores. I saw a deer cross the road & her beauty was stunning. She was perfect. On my way home, a lightning show in the sky. This afternoon, while I was going about my housework, some magical rumbles of thunder & a little light rain – a baptism of sorts for the outside world while I was working on cleansing my home.

My sage smudge stick was lost in the move I mentioned earlier in this post. Another one is supposed to arrive in the mail tonight. When I told my spiritual mentor, Claire, that the energy in our house felt heavy after an argument with my husband even though we’d since made up, she gave me these instructions, which I intend to follow through on tomorrow:

  1. Light the sage & use a feather to push the smoke into all the nooks & corners of each room moving from bottom to top, this is where residual energy tends to linger & hide.
  2. Mix a little lemon juice with water & wipe the window sills & door frames of the house with it to invite in new more positive energy so your home is not an energy void. Claire mentioned it would also make the place smell clean & that the scent of lemons is used in aromatherapy to boost people’s moods.