Dear Mama Earth, Spirits of Nature, Aine, My Father & Elements Around Me,

Bless me as I walk this path of magic, of tree hugging, of art making & of word weaving. It is hard to be human. It is difficult to be a woman & I could use your guidance. Help my actions to be for the greater good of all – humans, nature & her creatures, myself. Bring me wisdom & peace, serenity & balance as I walk this path of the green witch. Lend me confidence & strength. Mama nature, hold me in your arms. Never let me slip to forget your magic & omnipresence. I promise to work with you, to respect you & all who compose your multitude. These things I invoke, vow & ask of you. On this day & in this place, I initiate myself into the sisterhood of witches. I vow to honor all I’ve invoked. I vow to do what I can & to reach, to grow my one little self through your guidance & the small voice of my intuition.

Yours, Kait

Written this afternoon, after hearing the sample initiation statement in the Green Witch book. If you are a solitary witch, what did you do for your own initiation? I plan to speak these words out loud in deeper nature than our backyard soon.